The youth service in Rovaniemi consist of many different activities which all share the common aim to offer the youngsters equal and high quality possibilities of participation and collaboration as well as to arrange an interesting and educative programme in order to encourage the teenagers. The compliance with the youth law, the Finnish law and universal ethical values as well as freedom from drugs and cooperation with other representatives form a basis for all our occupations.

The central part of youth work is in the youngsters themselves. Youth work offers specialized management as well as means and framework, where the teenagers participate actively and are given the time necessary.

The youth work of the city of Rovaniemi organizes interesting occupations and activities for the youngsters. The youth centres, huge events, trips, international youth exchanges and summer camps for children are our most important activities. All this is usually carried out during the leisure time of the youngsters, i.e. in the evenings, and during the weekends and holidays. Trained employees are in charge of all our activities. They are there for the youngsters in the youth centres, camps, during the trips and other events.


 Regional youth services offer youth club operations around the city for young people between the ages of 13 and 20. Youth club operations aim to provide equal and high-quality services to all young people in Rovaniemi. Youth club operations are generally available five days a week, the focus being on evenings and weekends. Other operations in the area include small group activities, youth work at schools, events, field trips and guidance/counselling.

Trained youth workers are available in each area and cooperate with other parties who work with young people in the area. Such parties include schools, the church parish, the police, social services, organisations and associations, as well as parents. Youth workers work actively to prevent local young people from becoming socially excluded, through various kinds of activities and small activity groups - a service which also includes individual support for young people.

There are youth centres in eight different regions of Rovaniemi:
In the City Centre, Youth Centre Monde
In Korkalovaara (Hilla) -> currently closed
Nivavaara, Nappari
Ounasvaara, Ounari
Ylikylä, Ylläri
Muurola, Murkku
Sinettä, Zillari
Vanttauskoski, Vantus


Monde Youth Centre offers many kinds of activities in Rovaniemi. The centre has facilities for various user groups, organisations and young people for voluntary activities, events, training and courses. During the daytime, the youth centre is used as a meeting place for young people and for organising training sessions and seminars, for example. In the evenings, various kinds of open groups meet at the youth centre and the facilities can be used for leisure activities organised by different associations. The centre also includes Montendo Game House, which focuses on digital gaming, plus a sports hall and band facilities.
The youth centre is the workplace of the youth services supervisor, two youth work coordinators, three outreach youth work coordinators and two youth workers.

Poppari on Facebook

Poppari is youth information centre fo the youngsters between the age of 13-29. From Poppari you can also find: Ohjaamo's start up point and Librarys book return and book loan point.

The aim of the information service is to enable the youngsters to gain control over their life and to become committed in their environment by informing them about the things connected to their life. The youngsters are given the right to obtain information and consultation in any situation. We want to provide them with information about free time, school, summer job, flat-hunting and matters of drugs and health.

Our youth information mainly take places on Poppari and in the internet at the address but you also have access to it in all our youth centres.


 Youth work at schools in Rovaniemi is carried out as a cooperation between schools and youth services. Cooperation is natural as schools and youth work both support homes in educating children and young people. Youth work at schools is primarily available at lower secondary schools, but also at primary schools and upper secondary schools depending on requirements and resources. The schools’ activities and atmosphere are supported and developed using youth work-based methods, for example, with the help of action-based lessons on various topics (intoxicant abuse, bullying, social media, etc.). It is important that youth workers are regularly present at schools. Their role and responsibility at schools are not defined as specifically as those of other staff members, which means that a young person may find it easier to approach them on various matters.


JOPE activity, i.e. flexible basic training, means that a pupil completes comprehensive school (grades 7 to 9) by studying in a
small group with the help of flexible education methods and with the emphasis being on activities and work. The objective of flexible basic training is to strengthen the pupils’ motivation to learn and support their commitment to further education. Flexible basic training consists of vocational training and periods of education at school. In Rovaniemi, a teacher and a youth worker are in charge of the day-to-day running of JOPE classes. Pupils can apply for flexible basic training from all school areas in Rovaniemi that offer comprehensive education. JOPE classes are available at four schools: Korkalovaara, Ounasvaara and Rantavitikka Comprehensive Schools and the Arctic Circle Lower Secondary School.


Outreach youth work offers easily accessible support for young people under the age of 29. The aim is to promote the development of young people, help them become independent and take control of their lives, while also assisting them in accessing education and the job market (transition phase work) and participating in society. Outreach youth work is free of charge and is based on voluntary participation (no control obligation). Working methods include service counselling, individual work and targeted group activities, as well as networking.


Rovaniemi youth services organise activities for children and young people during holiday periods. When services are being planned, all parties who offer activities for children and young people during holiday periods are taken into consideration so that comprehensive and versatile services are created in cooperation with them.
Examples of activities that have been organised during the years (all activities are planned separately every year):
• During the winter holiday: youth club activities, skiing trip, as well as courses to earn a hygiene passport and learn first aid
• During the summer holiday: activities at the children's traffic park, Poppari youth information centre at the Revontuli shopping centre, the Rolleri mobile youth club, Leirikari night camps, a daytime camp focused on integration
• During the autumn holiday: youth club activities and a trip to a
more distant location


Participation targeted at young people supports them in becoming involved in matters related to their living environment and the city's decision-making. In this respect, young people are encouraged to take part in voluntary activities. Young people can participate in student associations, youth councils and the boards of youth club facilities, as well as voluntary activity groups, associations and various networking channels and meetings/hearings with decision-makers. Participation and involvement support young people in being active citizens. Successful involvement of young people ensures user-oriented services and promotes a sense of belonging in young people to their municipality.

Forms of participation:
➢ youth council
➢ participation groups (game house group, event activity group)
➢ the boards of youth club facilities and facility meetings
➢ youth initiatives
➢ website


Cultural youth work supports young people’s sense of identity and strengthens their life management skills using cultural leisure activities and beneficial and versatile cultural activities. Cultural youth work brings together youth cultures, art and the voluntary activities of young people. Cultural youth work offers young people an opportunity to carry out voluntary activities that originate from them. Activities are carried out in regional youth work, at Youth Centre Monde and in cooperation with other operators.
The operational forms of cultural youth work include the following:
➢ Events targeted at young people
➢ Gaming
➢ Group activity
➢ Training and courses
➢ Voluntary activity groups for young people
➢ Leisure activities
➢ Youth sports culture


International youth work offers international activities and education to young people and international training and networking opportunities to youth work professionals. International youth work offers young people in Rovaniemi an opportunity to take part in both voluntary and guided international education through various kinds of projects. International projects are mainly implemented through the Erasmus Programme (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students). The annual application process for projects takes place through OPH, Finnish National Agency for Education.

Forms of international activities:
➢ European Voluntary Service (EVS)
➢ youth exchange
➢ cooperation between sister cities
➢ training sessions and seminars
➢ events (Barents Region)
➢ development projects for international youth work, such as a development project on gaming


The City of Rovaniemi’s youth services run the Leirikari Camping Centre and the premises are also available for hire. The camping centre is located along the Kemijoki river, adjacent to the Kuusamo road, 37 kilometres from Rovaniemi. Leirikari contains vast areas in which to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and fishing. The camping centre can be used during both the summer and winter. Accommodation at the centre is an inexpensive way to go camping and hiking. The camping centre operates as a self-service facility and has been mainly designed to serve the needs of child and youth work, as well as voluntary associations.

Enquiries and group reservations:
Osviitta Service Centre
tel. 016-3226800 or

Rovaniemi youth services are active in social media. Visit our accounts to learn
more about the various types of activities @nutirovaniemi!

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