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Events in Barents Library Conference 2011


Program of conference  contains Concert of Lapland Chamber Orchestra  24th of August 2011and Concert  of Seitakuoro  25th of August. These are free to participants.  Also your friends can come to Concert of Lapland Chamber Orchestra 24th of August 19 PM.

Wed 24th of August Our Mobile library is present near Korundi
from 9 to 13 o'clock.

You can visit Art museum (it is also in Korundi) by special ticket that belongs to conference participants.

Also visit to Santa Claus at Arctic Circle 25th of August belongs to program .In program are also visits to Libraries 25th August. Library of Arctic Centre is near the conference place Korundi and we can walk to there. Visits to Libraries of University,  Library of the Universty of Applied Sciences and Library of  Lapland Institute for Tourism Research and Education we make by bus.